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Jujitsu will teach you new skills.

Some skills are more difficult than others to master. Not everything is easy and developing these skills can take practice. But developing new skills leads to confidence and pride in new found abilities.It will require assertiveness and determination. 

You  will be encouraged to ‘give it a go’ & ‘keep trying’. Your achievements will then be celebrated & marked through our gradings & coloured belt system

Jujitsu requires you to concentrate & learn discipline and respect.

Students need to listen to their instructor, stand straight, stand in a line, wait patiently, take turns, and use terms of respect such as ‘sensei’ and bow to their instructor and their opponents as a show of respect.

Jujitsu will help improve your physical fitness.


It  will  help develop co-ordination, gross and fine motor skills, build strength, agility & improve balance & flexibility.

Jujitsu will teach you to become more aware of danger.


In particular, we teach that it is  much better to avoid a problem than to have to solve one.  However we will also teach you more gentle solutions for when a problem could occur & to use your voice & non-violent ways to protect your personal space.


Jujitsu requires you to listen, communicate & learn social skills.

This is fundamental to learning. Although much of what is taught will be with a partner, it is delivered in a structured group environment, which means, interacting with others, developing friendships and learning group behaviour such as turn taking, supporting each other, being kind & showing respect for each other.

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